• Manufactured with high grade marine polymers
  • Removes 2-3 gallons per hour
  • Effectively removes up to 98% of oil from bilge and other contaminated water
  • Collected oil is recyclable
  • Automated and virtually maintenance free design
  • 12 volt, 24 volt or 110 volt options available
  • Two years comprehensive warranty
  • Draws only 0.5 amps
  • Save money on insurance premiums

STOP pumping oily bilge water into the ocean,
SEPARATE IT! then recycle it!

Regulations and fines are coming into effect everywhere.
We offer effective, cost saving & compliant bilge oil removal technology.

Ace Bilge Skimmer takes advantage of the repellant nature of water and attraction of viscous oil to certain engineered materials.

The ACE polymer belt separates oil from bilge water, delivering it to the housing where the tube is cleaned. Third party testing results prove that in 30 minutes or less up to 98% of free oil is separated from bilge water. Ace Bilge Pro is ideal for cleaning bilges and in situations where existing bilge water treatment technology is already installed the Ace Bilge Skimmer delivers substantial savings on operating and maintenance costs


Dear Harbour Chandler Crew,

I thought I should let you know how our Ace Bilge Pro worked for us.

Shortly after our engineer installed it on the Silver Dolphin, he commented on how much oil it pulled out of the bilge. The 93' steel fishing boat was built in 1965 and had dirty bilges, but we were not prepared for just how dirty. He pulled buckets and buckets of black oil out. Now that we had clean bilges he was able to see that one of the auxiliary engines had developed a coolant leak. He might not have noticed the leak until the engine had over heated.

A few weeks ago, a deckhand was helping the engineer during refueling. He forgot to close the sight gauge. Then, when we went to sea and boat was rolling in the weather, diesel spilled out of the sight gauge with every roll. Thankfully, the Bilge Skimmer was there to clean up the mess. We must have recovered at least 30 gallons of diesel fuel from the bilge.

We were so impressed by the Bilge Skimmer that we are installing one on Red Sky I.

Jodi BrochnoRed Rooster Fishing Company